CYR3CON™’s unique combination of machine learning and deepweb/darkweb mining to produce actionable cyber threat intelligence can be realized through a variety of means.

Making Darkweb/Deepweb Threat Intelligence Actionable

Traditional suppliers of darkweb/deepweb cyber threat intelligence put the responsibility turning information into actionable intelligence on the CSO.  At CYR3CON™, we believe that the CSO has enough to worry about and that darkweb/deepweb threat intelligence can be made actionable through techniques such as machine learning and social network analysis – and provided in very straight-forward alerts and assessments with virtually no learning curve.  CYR3CON™’s Vulnerability Update™, Vulnerability Assessment™, and Active Threat Assessment™ (ATA™) are tailored for this type of usage. Enabled by the CYR3CON™ Screen™ platform, they are designed to rapidly provide actionable intelligence.  Check out some example uses featured in the media: The Economist, CNN, Slate. CYR3CON™ solutions can scale to your organizations needs – whether desiring a full mapping of relevant cyber threats or just wanting to stay ahead of commoditized exploits, CYR3CON™ has the right solution.

Channel Friendly

CYR3CON™ solutions are designed for easy bundling with other cybersecurity solutions and sold through various channels.  CYR3CON™ currently works with several partners to bring these solutions to markets and they include VAR’s, MSP’s, MSSP’s, and distributors.

OEM Solutions

Companies with existing cybersecurity offerings wanting to enhance their platform with the richness of information offered by the deepweb/darkweb should consider CYR3CON™’s OEM solutions. At CYR3CON™ we understand machine learning and what it takes to integrate a new source of information into an existing solution. That’s why the CYR3CON™ API and SDK offer capabilities that can be readily used by sophisticated machine learning and big data platforms for rapid integration.