Whether you are a service provider, defending an enterprise network, assessing cyber-risk, or looking to develop new cyber-security tools that leverage CYR3CON™ threat intelligence, we offer a variety of solutions for these needs.

For Service Providers and Developers

If you are a service provider or developer of cyber-security tools, consider delivering your customers next-generation threat intelligence delivered from the darkweb, deepweb, and other sources through advanced machine learning and data mining. By staying ahead of malicious hacker activity with CYR3CON™, you can enhance your offering, better protect your customers, and provide new value propositions.

For Network Defenders and Security Researchers

CYR3CON™ Screen goes beyond being a simple portal to provide social threat intelligence information. At CYR3CON™ we understand that information is not just delivered, but must be done so in a timely manner and in context. Through CYR3CON™ Screen, you can more easily conduct threat research by understanding how the latest information gleaned from the adversary fits into the larger threat ecosystem. Data is tagged and organized in a manner to enable those who want to find linkages, assess credibility, and readily find the information most important to their organization.

For those willing to Tinker and Create

The CYR3CON™ API provides access to the CYR3CON™ platform in a manner to develop cutting-edge applications for wide or custom needs. Access information in a timely manner and easily identify the context of information by using intuitive API calls that relate it to past information and provide machine-learning provided classification. Built from the ground-up to support new and innovative ideas in cyber-security.

For those assessing Cyber Risk

Today, cyber risk is often assessed by introspective views of an enterprise network. At CYR3CON™ we feel that this is only half the picture – as the enemy has a voice in determining what the capabilities of the current threat. Our platform is designed to allow for cutting-edge risk analytics and we are working with partners such as Arx Nimbus to deliver cutting-edge cyber risk assessment using recently patented technology based on game theory.

Social Threat Intelligence (STI)

At CYR3CON™ we rely on a multi-sourced form of cyber threat intelligence called Social threat intelligence (STI). This form of pro-active information on cyber threats moves beyond short-term indicators to provide information on emerging threat actor behavior. This information is derived from sources such as hacker forums, the deep-web (non-indexed), the darkweb (i.e. Tor), highly credentialed sites, peer-to-peer based sites (i.e. i2p), hacker social media, white-hat sites, and more. Our infrastructure allows us to more easily stay on top of threats and identify new and novel sources of threat information.