MD5 Starts Austin

Phoenix, Arizona – September 11, 2017 CYR3CON™ was selected as 1 of 5 finalist in MD5 & Defense Entrepreneurs Forum’s MD5 Starts Austin 2017, an annual innovation competition focused on showcasing an elite group of early stage ventures who are developing products with high potential to address both critical national security problems and commercial markets.

This year DEF, Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF), is partnering with MD5, the Department of Defense’s National Security Technology Accelerator to stage its annual innovation competition with the goal of presenting the most innovative technology in front of high impact investors, defense and security industry representatives and government leaders.

“We are excited to have been chosen as a finalist in MD5 and DEF’s MD5 Starts Austin 2017 defense/security innovation technology competition” said Paulo Shakarian, Co-Founder and CEO of CYR3CON™. “We feel that our platform is well positioned to cover both national security issues as well as a broad array of commercial verticals with its ability to leverage our advanced machine-learning algorithms to provide actionable intelligence from the deep and darkweb.

Dr. Shakarian, a Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor at Arizona State University and former military officer, added, “We are particularly honored to be able to present our technology before members of DoD, security and federal agency program managers, investors and corporate participants. We think our platform can provide insights that can directly mitigate cyber risk to DoD and other organizations.”

About MD5 is the Department of Defense’s (DoD) National Security Technology Accelerator. MD5’s education, collaboration and acceleration programs seek to reinvigorate civil-military technology collaboration to solve high tech problems in the interest of national security.

About Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) is a not-for-profit network of emerging defense leaders, civilian innovators, and social entrepreneurs who promote a culture of innovation and act upon transformational ideas that address national security challenges.

About CYR3CON™
CYR3CON™ (Cyber Reconnaissance, Inc.) combines advanced machine learning with automatically mined deepweb/darkweb information to provide proactive, actionable cyber threat intelligence.  CYR3CON™ solutions are designed to empower network defenders with actionable intelligence without having to dedicate personnel to an additional system. CYR3CON recently received press coverage for identifying hacker discussion on vulnerabilities in advance of the massive ransomware attacks WannaCry and Petya in May/June 2017 and was featured in major news media outlets such at The Economist and CNN. CYR3CON has been selected as a finalist in numerous defense and security innovations challenges, including TechConnect’s 2017 Defense Innovation Technology Challenge and Cisco’s 2016 Grand Innovation Challenge, and has also received a National Science Foundation Innovation Corps award.