Phoenix, Arizona – August 4, 2017 TechConnect has selected CYR3CON™ as a finalist in its 2017 Defense Innovation Technology Challenge for Cyber Security. CYR3CON was chosen as one of top 12 percent of finalist from a pool of approximately 800 applicants. A cyber security startup focused on providing actionable intelligence about malicious hackers, CYR3CON™ now moves on to the final oral and showcase phase of the challenge.

“We, at CYR3CON, are extremely humbled to have been chosen as a finalist for TechConnect’s 2017 Defense Innovation Technology Challenge” said Paulo Shakarian, Co-Founder and CEO of CYR3CON™. “We feel that our platform is quite unique in its ability to leverage our advanced machine-learning algorithms to provide actionable intelligence from the deep and darkweb. For instance, our CyRating™ provides ranked information, in real-time, prioritizing the critical cyber security threats. This allows security professionals the ability to easily identify high risk vulnerability within their own networks and prioritize the patching process, while also allowing for reduced staffing requirements. ”

Dr. Shakarian, a Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor at Arizona State University and former military officer, added, “We are particularly honored to be able to present our technology before members of the DOD and federal agency program managers, investors and corporate participants. We think our platform can provide insights that can directly mitigate cyber risk to DOD organizations.”

For 10 years, TechConnect’s 2017 Defense Innovation Technology Challenge has offered an exclusive showcase for private-sector innovators to present to the DOD with the objective of addressing national security and warfighter needs. With participating S&T leadership from SOCOM, CENTCOM, NORTHCOM, PACOM, AFRICOM, SOTHCOM, along with DOD innovation leadership from across Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army Corp of Engineers, the 2017 Defense Innovation Challenges provide the Nation’s most powerful gathering of defense innovation prospectors and technology funding vehicles across all Challenge domains.

About CYR3CON™
CYR3CON™ (Cyber Reconnaissance, Inc.) combines advanced machine learning with automatically mined deepweb/darkweb information to provide proactive, actionable cyber threat intelligence.  CYR3CON™ products are designed to enable a 30-fold improvement in vulnerability prioritization, predictive intelligence on emerging attacks and alerts of threats to corporate brands, domains, customers, and employees. CYR3CON™ solutions are designed to empower network defenders with actionable intelligence without having to dedicate personnel to an additional system. This is enabled through a variety of delivery mechanisms that include simple web based applications, short reports, API’s, and integrations with third party solutions. CYR3CON recently received press coverage for identifying hacker discussion on vulnerabilities used in massive ransomware attacks WannaCry and Petya in May/June 2017 and was featured in major news media outlets such at The Economist and CNN. In 2016, CYR3CON was selected top 15 of 5700 startups in the Cisco challenge and also received a National Science Foundation Innovation Corps award.