CYR3CON™, Inc. specializes in identifying cyber-threats in the earliest stages. We leverage both human analysts and advanced machine learning capabilities to search portions of the Internet where malicious hackers organize, plan, purchase malware, sell exploits, and conduct other activities prior to conducting a cyber-attack. We routinely observe:

  • Zero-day exploits for sale
  • “Fully undetectable” malware platforms for sale or trade
  • Individuals working as freelance malicious hackers
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to exploit certain software – both for sale and for download
  • Discussion of malicious hackers on the latest illicit tradecraft

Whether your are a service provider, CSO, threat intelligence shop, auditor, or security researcher, CYR3CON™ has innovative solutions to increase value for your business. Proactively avoid cyberattacks:
be in the know, now™.