Dark Web Bust

WATCH: CYR3CON™ CEO discusses darkweb markets on Arizona Horizon

Towards a Threat-Centric Paradigm

CYR3CON™ CEO Paulo Shakarian describes the next generation of machine learning enabled cyber threat intelligence at Army Cyber Talks.

Understanding the Future of Cyber Threat Intelligence

WATCH: CYR3CON™ CEO Paulo Shakarian discusses the future of Cyber Threat Intelligence at the New America Foundation.


Lurking In The Depths Of The Deepnet
CYR3CON™ CEO Paulo Shakrian discusses data
mining on the deepweb on Arizona’s KJZZ.

CYR3CON™ technology was featured in Forbes

Machine Learning Goes Dark And Deep To Find Zero-Day Exploits Before Day Zero

How do you stop someone from exploiting a vulnerability in your software when you don't know that the vulnerability exists? That's the problem faced by cyber security experts who try to stop zero-day exploits. If you're lucky, a friendly spots the vulnerability and tells you about it so you can fix it before any damage is done. If you're unlucky, the hackers find it first and you find out after the attacks begin on day zero.
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Cisco Continuum

Arizona State Builds Darknet Mining Model, Finds 16 Zero Days

In one month researchers from Arizona State University uncovered 16 zero-day exploits on the dark web using a scraping model that incorporates machine learning techniques. The team has released details on the mining model, which crawls through darknet and deepweb marketplaces forums.

The team of 10 individuals at the university were seeking to produce an operational system that would crawl through the various forums and marketplaces hackers use to sell their exploits for digital currency (Bitcoin).

In The Press

The Chief executive and founder of CYR3CON™ , Dr. Paulo Shakarian quoted in The IRISH Times for the DARPA.

CYR3CON™ machine learning technology featured in Forbes.

CYR3CON™ honored as a Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge semifinalist (one of 15 finalists selected from 5,718 applicants – under previous name IntelliSpyre).

CYR3CON™ data mining technology featured in MIT Technology Review

CYR3CON™ technology-enabled threat research featured in Softpedia.

CYR3CON™ featured in 5 Veteran-Led Businesses innovating in Phoenix.